I’m a retired science teacher and got this for my grandson’s 5th birthday. We are having a blast! The experiments are highly engaging, simple to set up, and the instructions are very clear. For each experiment there are tips for what to look for, and the science behind it is explained in an age-appropriate way.

This science kit contains an assortment of exciting experiments, ideal for engaging the imagination and encouraging early STEM learning in young scientists

The science sets are suitable for ages 5 years +, are compatible with the National Curriculum

Science Kit for Kids | Children’s Science Lab Experiments | Scientific STEM Educational Learning Set

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Make a floaty ghost, test tube kaleidoscope and bouncy ball Play a scary skin crawling game, discover how to stack liquids and make lively lava!

Includes 20 fun experiments

Contents Include

3 test tubes, test tube rack, goggles, ball mould, 3 bags of bouncy ball crystals, magnifying glass, spinner, slime, 3 food colourings, Petri-dish, pipette, funnel, pH scale, universal indicator paper, printed card pieces, tissue paper, 2 balloons, 3 mixing sticks, 3 cotton buds, 2 rubber bands, paper clip, stickers, notepad and 32-page Lab book

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Original price was: $179.Current price is: $149.

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Get Creative with Science Kits for Kids

A young science kit to encourage early learning and scientific thinking while having fun


Fun-Filled First Science Toys

Explore the wonders of science and discover more about the world around you 


Scientific Thinking Has Never Been So Much Fun

Watch their confidence grow as they work through each of the science experiments and put their new lab knowledge to the test!

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What age group is the Science Kit for Kids suitable for?
The Science Kit for Kids is designed for children in the age range of 6 to 12 years, making it perfect for young scientists.
What types of experiments can children perform with the Children’s Science Lab Experiments kit?
This kit allows children to conduct a wide variety of experiments, from exploring basic chemistry to understanding simple physics and even delving into biology concepts.
How does the Scientific STEM Educational Learning Set contribute to my child's education?
The Scientific STEM Educational Learning Set enhances your child’s education by promoting hands-on learning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills through engaging science activities.
Are the materials in the Science Kit for Kids safe for children to use?
Yes, the materials in the Science Kit for Kids are safe and non-toxic, ensuring a secure and enjoyable learning experience for children.
Can the Children’s Science Lab Experiments kit be used for educational purposes in schools or homeschooling environments?
Absolutely! Many educators and homeschooling parents find this kit to be a valuable educational tool to supplement science lessons and make learning fun.
How does the Scientific STEM Educational Learning Set align with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning principles?
This set aligns perfectly with STEM learning by encouraging exploration in these fields, fostering an early interest in science, and helping children develop essential skills for future careers.
What topics are covered by the Science Kit for Kids?
The kit covers a range of topics, including chemistry, physics, geology, biology, and astronomy, providing a well-rounded introduction to various scientific disciplines.
Can children perform the experiments in the Children’s Science Lab Experiments kit independently, or do they require adult supervision?
While some experiments can be conducted independently, adult supervision is recommended, especially for younger children, to ensure safety and provide guidance.
How does the Scientific STEM Educational Learning Set inspire creativity in children?
This set encourages creativity by allowing children to explore and discover scientific principles through hands-on experiments, sparking their curiosity and innovative thinking.
Is the Science Kit for Kids suitable for both beginners and children with prior scientific knowledge?
Yes, it’s designed to accommodate all levels of knowledge, making it a great choice for both beginners and children with some prior exposure to science.
Are the materials in the Children’s Science Lab Experiments kit durable and long-lasting?
Yes, the materials are designed to withstand repeated use, ensuring that children can enjoy these experiments for an extended period.
Can the Scientific STEM Educational Learning Set be used for group activities, such as in a classroom or science club?
Absolutely! It’s an excellent choice for group activities and fosters collaborative learning and discussion among children.
How does the Science Kit for Kids make learning fun for children?
It makes learning fun by turning complex scientific concepts into engaging, hands-on experiments that children find enjoyable and exciting.
Does the Children’s Science Lab Experiments kit come with a guide or instructions for conducting experiments?
Yes, it includes clear and easy-to-follow instructions for each experiment, ensuring a hassle-free learning experience.
Can the Scientific STEM Educational Learning Set be used for interactive science-themed birthday parties or events?
Certainly! It’s a great choice for science-themed parties and events, providing entertainment and education in one.
How can parents or educators incorporate the Science Kit for Kids into a structured learning curriculum?
The kit can be integrated into lesson plans, helping children grasp scientific concepts while meeting educational standards.
Are there any safety precautions to consider when using the Children’s Science Lab Experiments kit?
Yes, adult supervision and adherence to safety guidelines are important to ensure safe and enjoyable scientific exploration.
Does the Scientific STEM Educational Learning Set cater to various learning styles and preferences?
Yes, it accommodates different learning styles, including visual, hands-on, and experiential learning, making it versatile for all children.
What is the ideal way to store the Science Kit for Kids when not in use?
To maintain the longevity of the kit, it’s recommended to store it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight or moisture.
Can children create their experiments with the materials in the Children’s Science Lab Experiments kit?
While the kit provides structured experiments, it also encourages children to use their creativity and knowledge to develop unique experiments.
Sparking Curiosity: The Magic of Science Kits for Kids

Learning through hands-on exploration is a cornerstone of a child’s educational journey. Science kits for kids, often referred to as Children’s Science Lab Experiments or Scientific STEM Educational Learning Sets, play a crucial role in fostering a love for science and learning at a young age. In this blog post, we’ll uncover the wonders of science kits, their educational value, and how they ignite curiosity in young minds.

1. Unwrapping the World of Science Kits for Kids:

Science kits for kids are specially designed sets that include a range of materials, tools, and experiments to facilitate hands-on learning. These kits cover various scientific disciplines, from chemistry to physics, and are tailored to different age groups.

2. The Educational Significance of Science Kits:

a. Hands-on Learning: Science kits provide children with the opportunity to conduct experiments and explore scientific concepts through practical experience.

b. Curiosity Ignition: These kits pique children’s interest in science by presenting fascinating and interactive experiments.

c. Critical Thinking: Encouraging kids to ask questions, make observations, and draw conclusions promotes critical thinking skills.

d. STEM Skills: Science kits nurture skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, helping children excel in these important fields.

e. Real-world Application: These kits often showcase how scientific principles apply to everyday life, making learning relatable and exciting.

3. Types of Children’s Science Lab Experiments:

Science kits come in a variety of forms, each offering a unique learning experience:

a. Chemistry Kits: These explore the world of molecules, reactions, and colorful chemistry experiments.

b. Physics Kits: Physics kits introduce kids to the fundamental principles of motion, energy, and simple machines.

c. Microscope Kits: Designed for young scientists, these kits provide the opportunity to explore the microscopic world.

d. Electronics Kits: Ideal for budding engineers, these kits teach kids about circuits, conductivity, and basic electronics.

e. Astronomy Kits: These kits take kids on a journey through the cosmos, teaching them about the stars, planets, and beyond.

4. How to Choose the Right Scientific STEM Educational Learning Set:

Selecting the perfect science kit for your child involves considering a few key factors:

a. Age-Appropriateness: Ensure the kit matches your child’s age and skill level.

b. Area of Interest: Consider your child’s interests, whether it’s chemistry, astronomy, or electronics.

c. Experiment Variety: Look for kits that offer a range of experiments to keep learning exciting.

d. Safety: Ensure the kit includes safe and non-toxic materials, especially for younger children.

e. Educational Value: Read reviews and descriptions to ensure the kit aligns with your educational goals.

5. Conclusion: Unleashing Young Scientists

Science kits for kids, whether known as Children’s Science Lab Experiments or Scientific STEM Educational Learning Sets, hold the power to inspire a lifelong love of learning. These kits nurture curiosity, critical thinking, and STEM skills in young minds, setting them on a path to become the scientists and innovators of the future. So, unwrap the world of science for your child, and watch their eyes light up with the joy of discovery. Who knows what extraordinary scientific adventures lie ahead?


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